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Darby English, Starr Director of Research and Academic Program

Research & Academic Program

The Clark offers an independent Research and Academic Program (RAP) designed to encourage fresh approaches to the production of knowledge about all periods and genres of art, and particularly the objects, conditions, and issues they comprise.

We award Fellowships to promising and established art historians working in the academy or in museums, to critics and other art writers, and to practitioners in other disciplines who are pursuing work that exhibits a critical commitment to inquiry in the analysis, history, theory, or interpretation of visual phenomena. Mellon Fellowships ensure that all activities of the Research and Academic Program have a global reach. 

Academic Programs
Clark Conferences (and the corresponding volumes published as Clark Studies in the Visual Arts), Clark Symposia, Clark Colloquia, Clark Conversations, and Clark Lectures address vital topics in the field and nurture a broader public understanding of visual art's role in culture.

Graduate Program in the History of Art
The Clark also co-sponsors, with Williams College, a Graduate Program in the History of Art, whose specialized course of study prepares students for professions in the academic and museum worlds.

Darby English
Starr Director of Research and Academic Program
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

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