Kids Activities

These activities will introduce you to works of art in our collection. As you play with these activities, you will realize that there are many layers and dynamics of art to explore.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us by e-mail at Kids Activities.




Featured Activities


Take the SIX challenge!

Click on this activity to write a six-word interpretation of art.
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Float Like a Butterfly...

Click on this activity to decorate your own dinner plate with colorful bugs and butterflies.
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More Than Meets the Eye

Click on this activity to see how paintings sometimes are changed (and to read a really gruesome story).
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Who's Who?

Click on this activity to find out how to recognize some of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece.
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Wash Your Hands Before You Eat

Click on this activity to see what happens if you dip your fingers into a finger bowl.
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Click on this activity to see how an artist uses drawings to make a painting.
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Now You See It, Now You Don't

Click on this activity to see how artists sometimes change their minds.
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